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Coral Safari

Built to international safety standards, with an AC cabin and comfortable seating the MV Sea Shine will take you through the crystal clear ocean around the Andaman Islands, Unravelling the magnificence and the mysteries of the deep ocean habitat. Exciting?! Yes now people of all ages can enjoy the comfortable underwater sail watching some of the rarest and colourful fish, Live Corals and if you are lucky a big boy shark too. Plan your holiday to Andaman with your kids and yeilders and don’t miss the Coral Safari, It will be one of your life time experiences.


Viper Island

Viper Island is one among the top most wonderful destination to visit in Andaman. The splendid beauty of the island and its unmatched surroundings of nature attract not only the nature explorers, but it also carry thousands of tourists who loves to see the sobering remains of brick jails and gallows built by the British in 1857.

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Jolly Buoy Island

Located in the famous islands of Andaman and Nicobar resides another beautiful island, the Jolly Buoy Island. The island is famous for it’s under water coral reefs and its serene beach. It takes an hour to catch a grip of this divine place from the Wandoor Beach

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North Andaman Island

Located in the southern region of Aerial Bay, Diglipur is the largest and widespread settlement of North Andaman Island. The city is situated at an altitude of 43 metres above the sea level.

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Andaman Mini Zoo

Situated in the Haddo in Port Blair in Andaman, Mini Zoo is an attention-grabbing place to be especially by nature lovers. At present the nature belongings extinct according to the change of time for which conservations like mini zoo has become a necessary thing.

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